Case Studies - Online store with children's clothing

by Szymon Ciba on Oct 23, 2022 - Sklep internetowy z odzieżą dziecięcą
About the brand
ChildrenShowRoom is a brand specializing in the sale of selected Premium clothing for children. For many years, they have been providing customers with the highest quality products. The history of the brand began in 1993. 17 years later, in 2010, the company moved its operations to the Internet and immediately won the hearts of tens of thousands of customers from Poland and the Czech Republic.
Purpose of activities  
The main goal of the activities was to create a store from scratch on the Shopify platform. The whole thing was based on the store's proprietary infrastructure. Our team adapted their own solutions and customer ideas so that a store was created that best suited the needs of the brand and customers.  
The most interesting functionalities and solutions introduced on the ChildrenShowRoom website: 

-Newsletter popup that displays when the page loads. It allows you to expand your email and customer phone database. Customers by entering their email address and phone number receive a discount code. Thanks to this solution, we can increase the conversion of our store.

-Banner containing a built-in, responsive video that is adapted to many devices. Thanks to it, the client is more involved in displaying the page.

-Blocks with icons, containing important information contained in a short and readable form. By using this section, we are able to display important information regarding delivery, shipping and returns using relatively little space.

-Section displaying the brands that we can find on the childrenshowroom. After clicking on a specific logo, we are transferred to the collection of a given brand. Thanks to this section, the customer can immediately select the manufacturer he is interested in, without getting lost on the website.

-Section divided into a table with products from specific brands. Thanks to this section, we are able to display many products using relatively little space.

-Quick menu with the most popular types of products. This section allows you to present specific types of products, thanks to which the customer, after clicking, is transferred to the page only with a given type of products. Thanks to this solution, the customer does not have to search for a given type of products in categories.

- "Club" system to send customers exclusive promotions and information. This allows us to increase the database of customers to whom we can send promotions. This will help increase the number of people returning to the store.

- Blocks that contain information about the product, delivery and contain unique icons. Thanks to these sections, we are able to display important information in a visible way. The use of icons allows you to attract the customer's attention, thanks to which he will read the information.

- Animation added to the delivery information block. The use of animation allows you to revive a specific section and attract the customer's attention.

-Extensive product card. The card is adjusted to display all the most important information about the product, such as size, product code, title, description, etc. Thanks to the use of the table, we can enter a lot of text using a relatively small area on the page.

- Cart leaving from the right side. Thanks to the use of such a basket, the customer can easily check it without leaving the website.

-Information block in the basket regarding free delivery. It automatically calculates how much zlotys are missing for free delivery, thanks to which the customer is more likely to add more products to the basket.

-Section automatically displaying recently viewed products on the site. Thanks to this section, the customer does not have to search for items that he has viewed before and can easily add them to the cart.

- Manufacturer's logo, which is automatically displayed above the product title. This allows you to show the product brand to the customer more effectively than through the title alone.

-A system that allows you to add products to your wish list. Next to each product there is a button that allows you to add a specific product to it. The customer also has the option of sending a given list to an email address.

-Main menu divided into 3 main categories, which, when clicked, redirect to specially prepared subpages. The division into "Everything", "Girl", "Boy" allows the customer to choose products that interest him without being distracted by other categories.

-Extensive customer panel that allows you to set up a profile. This allows us to increase the database of customers to whom we can send promotions. This will help increase the number of people returning to the store.

-Tables containing information on payment and delivery methods. Thanks to the use of a table, we can enter a lot of text using a relatively small area on the page. If the customer is interested in a given issue, he can expand the table with one click.


-Built-in chat that is connected to the Shopify dashboard. It allows for easy contact with the client. With one click, the customer can send us a specific question. In addition, there is an "Instant Replies" section in the chat where we can put the most frequently asked questions.

-Extensive search engine with hints. The search engine allows the customer to find every product on the website. Thanks to the hints, the customer can choose the most popular searches.

-Slider that allows you to switch between product photos. Thanks to the use of the slider, we can place much more photos. The slider has an animation of switching between photos, which makes switching smoother.

-Mega menu displaying subcategories when hovering over a specific category. Its use allows you to place more categories in the menu using a smaller area. Thanks to the mega menu, the customer has all the categories "at hand".

-Extensive contact page containing a form and information about the company. This allows for simple contact between the buyer and the seller. Information about the company allows you to increase trust in the company.

- "Tracking" subpage. It allows the customer to check the status of his shipment. After clicking on a given supplier, the customer is transferred to the system that allows entering the shipment number.

- Connected system of "Polish ePayments". It is the most popular system that allows the customer to pay in Polish currency.

-Section with the phone number automatically redirecting to the call. Thanks to automatic redirection, the customer has easy contact with the company.

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